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CUBIC - K focuses its capabilities on competitive items.

  • Nanoparticle synthesis and
    development of highly sensitive
    substance detection technology

    • Development of metal nanoparticle synthesis technology of various shapes
    • Development of surface modification technology for nanoparticles for high sensitivity detection
    • Development of selective detection technology for target substances
  • Design and production of a
    highly functional detection platform

    • Development of platform design technology that can be combined with various spectrometers
    • Production of a detection platform using biocompatible materials
    • Fabrication of a custom detection platform for the reactor
  • Development of AI-based
    high-accuracy concentration
    prediction model

    • Development of data management and signal processing technology
    • Development of a machine learning model tailored to target substances
    • Development of technology to improve accuracy and usability
  • Real-time monitoring
    solution provided

    • Development of an integrated system combining nanostructure, platform, and AI model
    • Building a reactor integrated system
    • Development of functional solutions tailored to reactor operating conditions

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606-312, Maebongsan-ro 18, Mapo-gu, Seoulo
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